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How to make a high quality video in under 24 hours.
Make a Video

lights, camera, action!

  What you'll learn from our 'how to make a video' tutorials.
  Watch over my shoulder as I show you the step by step process with video and screenshots how to make a high quality video.  
getting started - what you'll need and where to find it.  
what software you'll need and where to get it FREE or at minimal cost.  
how to guarantee consistently high audio for every video.  
where to find high quality FREE music and how to add it to your videos  
how to correctly compress your videos so they stream without stopping whilst maintaining the highest quality.  
how to add the 'control skin' including volume, fast forward etc under your video in a variety of styles and colors.  
how to embed your video into a webpage and upload it to a server or video sharing websites such as YouTube.  
how to use video to promote businesses in your offline local marketplace.  
  Instant access to hours of tutorials on how to make a video completely free.  
  Getting Started
  Taking your first video
  Uploading from camera to computer
  Make a video in Power Director
  Creating quality audio
  Adding music to your video
  Producing your video in Power Director
  Compress your video in Flash
  Domain name reg and FTP setup
  Set up FTP in Dreamweaver
  Biz in a box idea - membershp site in Woodworking niche
  Biz in a box idea - promoting a restaurant
  Biz in a box idea - promoting a restaurant. Final Video


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